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Aesthetics is
just the start.

At My Architect, delivering architect-designed homes from real, registered architects is a given. The benefits of this extend way beyond the aesthetics.

It's about ensuring you work directly with your architect throughout the entire project. He or she will spend considerable time understanding you, the way you want to live and gaining all approvals, right down to fine details like understanding your specific preferred configuration of the cabinetry and ensuring it is built to these specifications. 


There is no 'shoe-horning' you into a direction, nor tweaking an existing floorplan template in the name of 'personalisation'. 

An architect-led project means tendering your project out to a selection of our recommended builders, ensuring you gain clarity on the current market price so that you can make an informed decision on the right builder for you, rather than simply accepting the price of a single builder or design/build construction company. This alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars.

It's about having a relationship between architect and builder that is productive, communicative and mutually respectful, so that what is on the final construction drawings is built to the best quality possible, minimising costly variations.

It's about the architect selecting a coordinated palette of products and materials that excites you, is right for your project, fully coordinated with the overall design and tells a 'story' about your home, rather than 'cutting and pasting' the latest Instagram trends.

Above all, it's about optimising your life, your location and your property's value.

If you're contemplating a new build, subdivision or you have a unique home that requires a specialist renovation, let's talk. 

“Your property is probably your greatest financial asset. Give it the careful consideration and professionalism it deserves. Enjoy a home that inspires you, delivers the wow factor and elevates your life beyond the everyday.”

Robert Harwood, Founder, My Architect

My Architect founders Cate Rayson and Robert Harwood sitting on the couch holding cups of tea

My Architect Founders
Robert Harwood and Cate Rayson

Learn about the My Architect process and how it works

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