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Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dolorFor those who’ve never used an architect. And for those who wouldn’t dream of doing without one.

Architect-designed, made easy.

Achieve your Commercial, Retail, Residential Development or Office Fitout with  My Architect. We deliver carefully considered, strategic advice and design, conceived and implemented for your success. 

My Architect is all about rethinking and redesigning traditional architectural services so that they are clearer, more accessible and essential to every quality project. 

We are an award-winning team of registered architects who want more people to experience the magic of genuine, professional design and project management.

If you appreciate and value the joy that quality design brings to life and want your project to stand apart for its beauty, intelligence and efficiency, this is a great way to do it – whether you’ve never used an architect before, or wouldn’t dream of doing without one.

This is where your project begins…

Stage 1

The Brief

Before the Site Visit, we give you the opportunity to communicate your aims, ideas, requirements and expectations for your project. You can provide as much background material as possible – from previous plans to scribbles on a napkin. It’s all useful!

The Site Visit

Give your project the best start. Over two hours, a registered architect from our team will assess your site conditions directly. They will visit your home or the project’s location, highlighting opportunities and constraints in response to a thorough understanding of your brief, giving you a clear sense of your project’s potential.

You’ll gain
  • A Site Visit Report of architect’s recommendations based on your budget, timelines, planning and other key factors.
  • An Action Plan – a full costing of architectural services to completion, based on the parameters discussed in the meeting.
  • Professional advice on project strategy, concept direction and feasibility.
  • How best to allocate your budget to meet your goals.
  • Planning and development advice.
  • How to avoid over-capitalisation.
  • How to meet your timelines and other critical factors.
  • A ballpark idea of full construction costs

Stage 2

Your Project, On Paper

Progress to Stage 2 and you will receive scaled, hand drawn Concept Drawings. These are the first formal version of the Concept on paper. These usually include floor plans and a concept visualisation of the architectural ‘look’.

Concept Drawings become the basis for developing all further versions of the drawings going forward to Town Planning and Building Approval to Construction Drawings. Concept Drawings are emailed and posted 10 days after the Site Visit.

Throughout the project, we offer our clients the option to take things stage by stage, rather than feeling locked into a contract.
Our structure allows you to compare and contrast selected builders’ prices and quality so that you can make an informed decision, rather than feeling shoe-horned into a particular path with a single builder.
Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to make the right choice, for you.

Download concept drawings

Enjoy the journey. Stay in control. Love the result.

If you value the benefits that professional design, project management and better building bring to life, let’s talk.

‘Architect-designed’ is a phrase real estate agents love to use. Reason being that professional design invariably adds considerable value to a property – and to your life!

Robert Harwood
My Architect Director
Architect, RAIA

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